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Zenchi Zenno is your one–stop shop for all your animation, video editing, and all other post production needs. We will carry your project from conception to completion, or jump in at any point and deliver those final touches that really bring it to life. Whether this is your first time working with animation, or you are on season three and looking for a refresh, we'll work within your budget, deliver on schedule and exceed your expectations.

Explainer Videos

Animation is the perfect medium to get your message across to your audience or target market clearly—and in a fun way. Research shows that animated videos have higher audience retention rates than traditional live-action videos. Simply put, animation gets butts in seats, and keeps them there.

Live-action shoots require costly equipment, large crews, talent, and sizeable budgets. Animation can deliver equal, if not better quality for a lower price. More importantly, we understand that our clients often need to make changes to their product on a last-minute basis. With traditional live-action video, these changes require reshoots, which can quickly drive up costs. If an actor has since shaved his beard, or cut her hair short, this can be a real problem. Animation allows for unprecedented flexibility and control. We can accommodate notes from the client and implement them immediately without incurring huge costs.

Below are a couple of samples showcasing how explainer videos can spread your message to viewers effectively and concisely.

Inspire Change
NFL Network

Big 3 Rules
Fox Sports

Graphics Packages

Your TV series, film or commercial is almost complete. All that’s left is a motion graphics package to wrap it all up nicely with a bow on top. You’ve come to the right place.
We’ve worked with all sorts of clients—from major TV networks to independent documentarians. Some clients have a new series that requires a starter kit; a logo, a show opener, maybe even some branded lower thirds or chyrons. Others have ongoing animation needs throughout the entire run of the show. No matter your need, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Below are two samples of graphics packages showing how the use of chyrons, transitions and other visual elements can help brand a show or commercial.

Diesel Films

Treehouse Masters
Animal Planet


Do you have a script waiting to jump off the pages, but have no actors or camera? Perhaps you have interview footage that desperately needs B-roll which simply doesn't exist. This is where Zenchi Zenno comes in.


Nothing gets us more excited than narratives and character animation, and we proudly work in a variety of styles and genres. Although we also develop our own animation projects in-house, we would love to talk to you about yours!

Below, you will see two samples that showcase animated narratives in a couple of different scenarios.

Cubicle Zombies
Forge Apollo

Long Story Short: Wale

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